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Serving Romeoville Pets
Since 1978

Providing Personalized Wellness and Preventive Care for Adult & Senior Pets

Elderly dog

The Animal Clinic of Romeoville provides wellness and preventive care dental care for long-term health, compassionate care for sick pets, soft tissue and orthopedic veterinary surgery, and more for adult and senior pets.


Our team cares for pet patients with a focus on maintaining health and enhancing longevity. Wellness care includes a thorough physical exam, dental care, nutritional guidelines and recommendations, and diagnostic testing for all stages of life. Disease prevention includes parasite testing and treatment, and a personalized vaccination program.

To maintain health in adult and senior pets, we recommend the following:

  • Veterinary Exams — Get examinations annually for healthy adults, and every 6 months for healthy seniors or pets with compromised immune systems.
  • Vaccinations — Boosters against highly infectious and fatal diseases are critical.
  • Diagnostic Testing — Yearly lab work helps identify developing health problems, early enough to initiate effective treatment with the least discomfort.
  • Parasite Prevention — Yearly testing for intestinal parasites and continuous flea and tick preventives.
  • Exercise — An exercise plan for adult and aging pets that meets the patient’s changing needs supports good quality of life.
  • Nutrition — We provide an annual dietary evaluation and plan adjusted for changes in health and weight.
  • Spay or Neuter — These procedures prevent a variety of diseases and results in a contented household companion.

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Our entire team congratulates you on adopting your new adult pet.

We invite you to schedule your new member of the family for a free head to tail healthy pet exam. At that visit, we advise you about care for your newly adopted companion, and answer your questions about behavior, nutrition, and necessary veterinary care.

Call us to schedule your free exam.


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