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Serving Romeoville Pets
Since 1978

Complete Care for Birds, Reptiles and Small Mammals by Our Avian & Exotics Pet Vet

Tan lizard

The Animal Clinic of Romeoville welcomes a variety of avian and small animal pets to our practice, including exotics. Our own Dr. Pulins is experienced in treating birds, reptiles, and small mammals.


Pet owners can be intimidated by the idea of caring for exotics. Our team offers extensive support in caring for these special pets. We are prepared to help you choose an appropriate bird, reptile, or pocket pet for your newest family companion. Our skill and experience includes wellness care, prevention, sick pet care, and surgery for these unique pets.

Having your exotic pet examined by a veterinarian can enhance your pet’s quality of life and avoid the heartache of a premature loss. Most exotic pets do not need annual vaccines for contagious disease protection. A yearly examination is important, however, to help detect developing illnesses that can worsen with time.


At these wellness visits, we screen for parasites on the skin and in the digestive system. We carefully monitor weight trends, a significant health indicator in small pets. Proper nutrition, lighting, temperatures, and caging needs are also addressed, to prevent unwanted negative effects.

Most exotics tend to hide their illnesses until the conditions are very advanced in their course. Addressing any changes in pet health and behavior, early and promptly, can lower the chances of a experiencing a catastrophe or an incurable condition.

For some pets, such as birds, the entire first year of life in a new home can stress their immune system, even in ideal conditions. Stress in these pets lowers their ability to fight off infections and other illnesses.

Contact the clinic to schedule an appointment for your exotic pet.


Birds make excellent companions, but it is important to make sure a bird fits your lifestyle before getting one as a pet. Selecting a Bird provides an overview of the housing, diet, and medical needs of pet birds, and more.


Reptiles offer a variety of fascinating options such as turtles, lizards, and snakes. Reptiles are an interesting pet choice for those allergic to pets with fur or feathers, or for those with a busy lifestyle. They require less daily care and exercise than many other pets.

This pamphlet, Selecting a Reptile, helps you prepare for the unique needs of these special pets, and to decide if this exotic is right for you.


Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, and ferrets are called pocket pets because they are pocket-sized, affordable companions. Each of these small animals has specific diet, housing, handling, and veterinary care requirements.

The following resources offer helpful information for pet owners: