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Serving Romeoville Pets
Since 1978

HAH Veterinary Pharmacy for Safe Pet Medications, Products & Prescription Diets

Dog and medicine

For customer convenience and quality assurance, Animal Clinic of Romeoville provides you with an in house veterinary pharmacy. You may fill your pet’s prescriptions right here on our website using our easy online prescription refill form.


Online Pharmacy

When managing a sick pet, your veterinarian is critical to prompt treatment and appropriate medications. Our pharmacy stocks safe, effective veterinary drugs for prompt treatment of our pet patients.

Whether we need to manage post-surgical pain or provide continuous treatment for chronic illness, we never allow sick pets to suffer. We provide medication plans that relieve pain and restore health, while offering convenience and immediate access.

Our professionals offer support and guidance regarding pet medications and encourage your questions concerning dosing issues, medication administration, and any known risks to your pet.


For health care and special needs, our pharmacy carries a variety of products for your pets. Intestinal parasite control, external parasite preventives and treatments, and pet skin care products are some of the items available in our pharmacy. Our veterinarians and staff consult with you in choosing the best treatments and products to meet your pet health needs.

Pets that are sick or have chronic conditions may require more than a balanced diet. They may need a special diet to support proper growth and development, to address allergies to certain food products, or for immune system support during a medical crisis. Senior pets often require prescription diets for medical issues such as urinary problems, obesity or underweight, and skin and coat conditions.

Our veterinarians are trained to determine the best diet and nutritional supplements for your pets. Optimum nutritional support helps keep your special pets vigorous and active throughout the stages of life.


The Pet Health Center at WebMD® offers helpful information on a variety of pet dietary issues from obesity to feeding problems: