Pet Dental Care for Health & Long Life:
Exams, Teeth Cleaning & Dental Services

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The Animal Clinic of Romeoville provides dental services for pets as part of their regular wellness and preventive care. Dental problems are a significant source of pain and disease in pets. Oral health exams, professional teeth cleaning, and other veterinary dental services help your pets stay healthier longer.

Dental Exams for Long-Term Wellness

For long-term health, pets require regular dental care. Heart disease, kidney problems, and lung infections are some examples of health concerns resulting from poor oral hygiene.

To combat this problem, our veterinarians include dental exams and services as a significant part of our wellness and preventive planning. We perform a general exam of the teeth and mouth at each wellness visit, and we make recommendations for suitable dental services based on patient need.

Pet Dental Services

Our veterinarians understand how oral health increases overall wellness and longevity, as well as supports the human-animal bond. After all, we love interacting closely with our pets when they have fresh breath and clean, healthy mouths.

To that end, our dental care services include the following:

  • Oral and dental examinations
  • Teeth cleaning and polishing
  • Extractions
  • Fracture repair

Your pets enjoy the finest technology in their dental experience, including precise intraoral dental X-rays and modern ultrasonic tooth scaling. Our veterinarians and staff are skilled in creating a safe and effective dental experience for our pet patients.

Safety & Comfort Is Our Priority

Comprehensive dental exams and teeth cleaning are performed with the patient under anesthesia, for comfort and safety. We use techniques and protocols consistent with any veterinary surgery, including lab tests and blood work. Pain management is included in all dental procedures because our patients’ safety and comfort is our first priority.

Teeth Cleaning for Your Dog, Cat, and Small Pets

With dogs, cats, and other small pets, dental cleaning and home maintenance are both important parts of a healthy regime:

  1. Professional cleaning — Annual teeth cleaning procedures remove plaque and clean beneath the gums. This prevents infection and decay, while decreasing harmful bacteria that damages the heart, liver, and lungs.
  2. Regular home care routine — Brushing the teeth and providing healthy food and treats at home helps maintain the teeth after a professional cleaning.

Similar to pet grooming, professional and home-based dental care go together. Pet owners who clean their pets’ teeth enjoy fewer visits for professional cleanings and dental problems.

Older pets often require more dental services due to health issues and dietary restrictions. You can trust our veterinarians to address those unique health issues and create the proper dental plan for your aging pet.

How It Works

See how to care for your pet’s teeth at home by enjoying these videos:

  • Pet Teeth Brushing — See the progression of dental disease and learn how to brush your pet’s teeth. While the subject of this video is a cat, this information is applicable for all pets.
  • Pet Dental Cleaning — View a dental cleaning under anesthesia and learn techniques for brushing teeth. While the subject of this video is a dog, this information is applicable for all pets.

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