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Serving Romeoville Pets
Since 1978

Supporting Pet Health and Increasing Longevity with Wellness & Preventive Care

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Animal Clinic of Romeoville provides wellness and preventive care for pets, because they are important for a long and healthy life. We focus on preventing disease through a combination of services, creating health care plans tailored to the specific needs of each patient.


Wellness care includes a variety of services designed to keep pets healthy. Services for healthy pets always begin with the annual physical exam. Other wellness services typically include a personalized vaccination program, parasite testing and treatment, dental care, and nutritional counseling and recommendations. Our wellness services are delivered across three categories of pets:


Your pets deserve quality care that keeps them healthy and vigorous. You deserve a relationship that brings you joy and enhances your life. Pet wellness and preventive care supports health, longevity, and the human-animal relationship.

Some benefits of wellness and preventive care for pets include the following:

  1. Improves quality of life.
    Preventive care adds healthy years to the lives of our pets, extending the quality of life for a happier companion.
  2. Keeps pets healthy.
    Treating disease is more painful and damaging to pets, with treatments that are often quite expensive. Vaccinating our pets is the easiest way to prevent dangerous and contagious diseases. Our vaccination plans are based on age, breed, and lifestyle, and only if your pet absolutely needs it.
  3. Catches diseases before symptoms appear.
    Our pets age rapidly, experiencing a lifetime in just a few years. This means that diseases can be lurking undetected in a pet that appears healthy, and sometimes these diseases progress quickly to a critical state. Regular veterinary exams and diagnostic testing is critical in identifying developing problems before your pet begins to suffer.

Preventive care is the logical approach for early detection of diseases. We catch and treat such problems before they become uncomfortable and critical for your pet, and more expensive for you.


Pet adoption allows you to add a new family member, while preventing the widespread euthanization of unwanted animals. Bring in your newly adopted pet for a free head to tail healthy pet exam! At this exam, we discuss how to take great care of your new companion and answer questions about pet behavior, proper nutrition, and necessary veterinary care.

This video addresses the important subject of spaying and neutering pets